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Many Styrofoam products are too lightweight for the sorting machines during the recycling process and because recycling is calculated by weight, the lightweight nature of Styrofoam has a low return and high transportation costs. Therefore, it is not feasible to recycle it at this time when the energy it takes to recycle it costs more.
What's the best option for managing my Styrofoam?
The City is moving away from Styrofoam throughout the organization, including events, and encourages all citizens to avoid Styrofoam when possible. This can be as easy as using reuseable dishware rather than disposable dishware to save energy and resources when hosting an event.

Keep any Styrofoam you collect for the next time you are shipping something fragile or get creative and research reuse ideas shared on online.

Some large chain stores will recycle Styrofoam that came as packaging in a product that has been purchased at their store. Check with your retailer to see if they have any recycling programs in place for Styrofoam and other packaging materials.

Please put Styrofoam into a garbage bag and into your black cart as garbage, even if it's marked with the recycling symbol.
Polystyrene Foam (Styrofoam)
Please do not put Styrofoam, one of the most common contaminants, in the green recycling cart.

There are several drop-off locations in the Greater Lansing area for foam recycling. For a map of drop-off locations open to the public, visit the DART Container Corporation website.

DART Container Corporation (two locations)

432 Hogsback Rd., Mason MI
2148 Depot St., Holt MI
Open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
Impression 5 Science Center

200 Museum Dr., Lansing MI
Open Monday - Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Acceptable materials:
Foam cups and containers (empty)
Foam egg cartons
Rinsed meat trays
Foam food trays/lunch trays
Most packaging foam/molded forms and shapes (NO packaging peanuts)

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